How do you protect your loved ones when Hell itself opens its insidious mouth?  How long can you hold out before they come for you? Where do you run to avoid being eaten alive by monsters with a voracious appetite for your flesh?  Who is to blame?  Where did they come from?  How many people survived… and how does the human race find the means to fight back?

Earth has been invaded by monsters beyond the imagination.Driven by a lust for flesh and blood, unnamable beasts are hunting down men, women and children for their own hideous needs and nourishment.  The Fall Of Tomorrow is an end that very few could have fathomed and those who survived the initial onslaught have documented their journey to a declared safe haven. Others never made it that far and it is their duties to make their voices be heard.


“There is no subtlety in Fairhead’s imagination.  He is simply dying to scare the hell out of you.”

– Nelson W Pyles, author of Demons, Dolls, and Milkshakes


“Fairhead’s storytelling pulls you in and keeps you there. And you’re left with the sense that he’s got many more stories yet to tell.”

– Christopher H. Westrick,  Mouthing Off podcast




“Acumen” and “Sentinel” Original Art By Matt Eames

David J. Fairhead was first published in The Big Book Of Bizarro with his demonic apocalyptic tale, The Fall, and his short story Demoneye appears in the horror/western anthology, Westward Hoes. David’s current novel, The Fall Of Tomorrow is based on his Big Book Of Bizarro short story and is also published by Burning Bulb Publishing.

David has also author of  horror novel Charlie: A Child’s Tale Of Terror, fantasy novel Bloodbind, and comic book series WZWA (World Zombie Wrestling Association) in association with Dr. Jon Towers and Stigmata Studios. David is currently host of Kettle Whistle Radio, with co-host Heather Taddy of A&E’s Paranormal State where they talk horror, comics, music and subcultures.  David is also co-owner of Society 13 Network.

David grew up on Long Island but currently resides in the zombie capital of Pittsburgh with his wife Denise and their beloved dogs Teddy and Jett.




From David J. Fairhead comes Dwelling In The Dark, a soulful anthology of creeping terror to keep you up in the small hours with horror set in the past, present, and future. Overlapping bits of puzzle fitting each other, before and after The Fall of Tomorrow.

Dwelling In The Dark – Eleven stories that hide in your closet, under your bed and stay entrenched in your mind, presented by recurring antagonists that weave bloody trails and tell the tales of these character driven stories.

“Creepy as hell. David J. Fairhead will terrify you.” – Thomas Sweterlitsch, Tomorrow And Tomorrow