David Fairhead & Heather Taddy discuss music, horror, and subcultures with quirky appeal and stories!  Tune in and give a listen for interviews with directors, musicians, actors, horror designers, authors and unlimited artists!  Kettle Whistle Radio is in its 3rd successful season with new music on every episode.  Hear rock, metal, rap,alternative, blues, folk, industrial, and of course punk!

David is an author and broadcaster from Long Island, now residing in Pittsburgh, the Zombie Capital of The World. His short story The Fall can be found in The Big Book Of Bizarro on Burning Bulb Publishing, as well as his short story Demoneye in Westward Hoes, a horror/western anthology of the same label. His comic book series World Zombie Wrestling Association with artist Jon Towers can be found at Stigmata Studios, home of Red Horse Radio where Dave and Taddy got their start.

After an infamous meeting at a Steel City Comic Con, Dave and Heather Taddy started Kettle Whistle Radio for the love of music, horror and subcultures! His new epic demon horror apocalyptic novel The Fall Of Tomorrow is available on Amazon.com. Email Dave and find him on Twitter @Fairlydark on twitter.

While studying Film & French at The Pennsylvania State University, Heather Taddy attended one of Lorraine Warren’s lectures on the paranormal; this led her to join a club called The Penn State Paranormal Research Society. After joining she learned that the society was holding auditions for a reality TV series for the A&E network.  She soon found herself in the role of Team Documentarian on A&E’s hit series Paranormal State, often volunteering to appear alone in some of the countries most haunted locations.

Since starring on 4 seasons of the series, Taddy’s experience has led to guest starring opportunities on several paranormal related shows for SyFy and other networks.  Currently living in Pittsburgh, Taddy, continues to appear and lecture at paranormal events.  Besides her interest in the paranormal she can be found creating art out of records & recyclable media, playing music and hosting Kettle Whistle Radio.